The Bridge Centre

June 2015

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With houses nearly complete at the Moreton park site our fundraising efforts are also well underway. We have a team of local people meeting as part of an executive committee to plan the way ahead. It is anticipated that the project will create 70 new jobs, either directly or indirectly.

We are very grateful to the charities who have already pledged support and those organisations who have aready committed money to the project.

If you would like to discuss The Bridge Centre further please call our CEO Paul Bowser on 07736 871000.

What is The Bridge Centre?

The Bridge Centre is a new Youth, Sports, Enterprise and Community Centre on the proposed site at the Moreton Park playing fields, formerly part of Grenville College and opposite Londonderry Farm. It is envisaged that The Bridge Centre will be an iconic facility, managed by the charity Wings, accessible locally to all who want to take advantage of the many resources including sporting activities; community, recreation and leisure facilities such as a restaurant, shop, church, theatre and community space; enterprise initiatives and a Youth Centre to give the young people opportunities to try out new activities, improve their skills and give back to the community through volunteering.  The centre will focus on ‘creating opportunities’ and will fill a gap that has been left by years of lack of community provision and will help to inspire people from Torridge to widen their horizons and discover their potential in sports and community involvement.

Bridge Centre Plans


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