Wings South West is committed to giving young people opportunities to have different experiences through the events and trip that are put on. Wings is a Christian-based charity and therefore some of the events put on are aimed at sharing our faith with the young people that we work with, whilst others are not. It is important to note that all events are voluntary and the young people are not ‘preached’ at.

Bideford Junior Fun Run

The Junior Fun Run has been a fantastic partnership between Wings South West and the Children’s Hospice South West. The aim of the day is get families and the local community together and active, whilst raising awareness and money for the Children’s Hospice South West. Both organisations are deeply passionate about helping children and young people so the day works very well.

This year's event is on Saturday 7th July 2012.

Wings Big Swim 2010

July 2010 saw a squad of 8 take to the icy waters of the English Channel in a bid to raise £20,000 for Wings South West. For more information please visit the Swim page.

Christian-based events:

At Wings South West some of the young people want to find out more about the faith in Jesus that some of the staff have. With that in mind Wings supports other organisations that put on events such as Soul Survivor, Creation Fest and Christian youth camps. Each year a group will go to the various festivals and camps. These are great, fun-filled times away with those youth interested in finding out more about God being given that opportunity in a safe environment.



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