Learning & Business Opportunities

Lendon Barn Abbotsham has been transformed from its former days as the winter home for cattle to an exciting home for a variety of projects from garage mechanics to boat building and conservation to multi-media. It is a place where young people can learn, develop skills, and build self-esteem and confidence to allow them greater progression opportunities in further education or employment. It is also home to the development of our business opportunities the first of which is our TRAX mechanics programme which offers both training and a commercial garage.

The dilapidated barn was, thanks to 3 unemployed young people supervised and trained by carpenter Paul Tuson, turned into the modern centre we now have and is a great place for all the practical and dirty hands on work that we undertake.

Lendon allows the charity to develop business ideas involving young people but with a more commercial element which in turn allows income generated to be reintroduced into the charity to support projects and build towards financial sustainability.

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