Multimedia - Video, Animation & Music

At Wings South West we are constantly looking for new ways of reaching young people who find learning difficult.
At Lendon Barn we have the facilities to run video, animation and digital music courses to inspire and tap into young peoples creativity

Video Production

We have a professional editing studio to produce high quality films for customers and Wings as a whole. We have also run courses in learning how to use DV cameras and editing tools.



Music is a big part of young people’s lives, especially dealing with their emotions and challenges.

Using Reason (professional music software) gives the young people a perfect blank canvas to create exciting and sometimes some very good music.


We have a brilliant setup with 8 computers with digital keyboards. We can run courses for a varied age range and work with young people struggling in education



Animation is a perfect way to inspire young people to get involved in being creative and to enhance alternative learning styles.


We have used a range of animation products from plasticine models to plastic figurines, even a packet of polo’s. We use Stop Motion Pro to create the magic of animation.

If you want to find out more or book a course please call on 01237 472000 or 01237 471471

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