What we do

Wings aims to give young people a future and a hope by encouraging positive relationships and offering creative learning opportunities that help develop skills, self-esteem and confidence.


We offer a wide variety of activities where young people’s interests lie, and encourage full participation in planning these, from workshops at the Source to projects for NEETs.

Activities include projects for NEETs and students (Horizons, drop-in and TRAX), the Source Cafe, small groups, Sports Academy, Schools work and one off events.

Diary - Main Activities - Example of recent activities - please call the office for latest details


Monday -         Bideford College Girls Group                         3.30pm Wings Hall

Tuesday -        Young Parents Group                                    9.45am Wings Hall

                        Horizons Course                                          11.00am Lendon Barn

                        Year 7+8 Drop in Cafe                                  3.30pm Wings Hall

Wednesday -   Trax                                                           11.00am Lendon Barn

                        Yr 9+ and  NEET Drop In                             2.30pm Wings Hall                                            

Thursday -       Horizons Course and Trax                            11.00am Lendon Barn

                        Drama Group                                              3.30pm Wings Hall

Friday -            Staff Breakfast and Meetings                         9.00am Wings Hall

                        Alpha course/Holy Crib                                 3.30pm Wings Hall

Also detached youth work at Bideford College at lunchtime Wednesday to Friday.         

Trustees meeting - third Monday of the month 4.45pm

Staff lunch and report back session - third friday 1pm

Open prayer meeting - third friday 6pm

Contact us for more information