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Project Hope

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Project Hope has been set up to meet an increasing issue in the area of long term unemployment.

This has been made worse by the Coronavirus pandemic causing reduced access to job centers and increased redundancies.

Project Hope is open to anyone over 18 & aims to take participants on a bespoke journey towards employment. This will involve some or all of the following;

  1. Setting aims 
  2. Obstacles to employment
  3. Writing CVs & interviews
  4. Exercise to improve well-being
  5. Social Media skills for work
  6. Making yourself more employable
  7. Using networks to find jobs
  8. Keeping a job
  9. Communicating & understanding paperwork
  10. Budgeting
  11. Meeting potential employers
We will also, if necessary, visit places of work with
clients before they start and during their first few
weeks to make sure that the clients & employers
are understanding each other to avoid 
potential problems.
For more information send us a message using the form below or contact 
Andy Best on 01237 471 471 or
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