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Why come to Wings?

We asked our students at the North Devon Coastal Academy to write a blog post for their English lessons about what is good about learning with Wings.

Here are a couple of them. Well done for your hard work and thank you for your kind words.

Why Wings is the college for you.

posted by "SH"

Wings is a college that creates a calm,safe and joyful atmosphere for everyone there. The college provides education along with life skills and multiple activities to choose from, Wings is an Academy located in Leddon barn at Abbotsham Devon.

What day at Wings looks like?

A day at Wings starts at 9:15am when the mini bus will pick everyone up to take us to the Barn. We will then go inside and normally chat about how our morning was and other things going on that day and begin our morning activities.

Monday - we start our Monday morning with tutor where we discuss different topics and give our opinions, I love doing this because you get to hear what other people think and to see alternatives answers to a topic.

At break and lunch we normally sit outside if the weather's nice and talk about different subjects we also have a kitchen where I and the others can make a cup of tea and everybody can use the microwave or fridge for their lunch.

After lunch we all choose what we want to do everyone can choose from the gym, gardening, art or woodworks and sometimes we also go to the beach or a walk around the area.

Tuesday - on Tuesday we learn maths. Personally I’ve never enjoyed math’s. I have always struggled with it, but I do enjoy the amount of support everyone gets if we are struggling with anything.

Thursday - on Thursday we learn English it's my favourite lesson and it's also very challenging, what I myself find more rewarding.

When it gets to 2:40pm the mini bus will take us back to Bideford Quay and then that’s the end of the day.


My Experience at Wings South West – by "SE"

Every day at Wings South West Academy, we experience new skills and achieve things!

The time that you spend there is very positive and hopefully brings a good outcome for the future ahead of you. The staff are incredible at Wings in addition, it is good to feel that you can talk to any of them and they understand. It doesn’t matter how you show your feelings when you’re there, they give space you need.

What do we do?

The courses we do at college is Functional Skills English and Maths which is very productive and constructive. We also do loads more amazing things!

What are the facilities at Wings?

Other facilities are the Gym and fitness suite. My experience of doing this is very helpful, it improves young people’s mental health. Also I feel accepted and not judged for doing these things at this specific college. Also, at Wings there is Mechanics area, Wood Work and Art and loads more exciting things to try out. I genuinely can’t believe I’ve actually reached this far! I find that I can be myself and am happy, it makes me feel I can reach my goals further on life.

What does a day look like?

Wing is based at Lendon Barn, Abbotsham Bideford EX39 5BW. The times we start and finish are 9:15 am to get picked by minibus at Bideford Quay. The day ends 2:45pm when we are dropped back at the Quay. College day we attend are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Break times is at 10:30 till 11am and then back in lesson to focus on your work, Lunch is 12:00 till 1:00pm and then afternoon activities.

How has Covid changed things?

One of the good things when we were at college is that, before we get on the mini-bus we put our masks on and sanitise our hands before getting on the bus. This is because of the current situation Covid 19. For the young people’s safety as well as staff and protecting people. You can find photographs of some of the staff and their role on the website and what they do. The website you can visit is

What I enjoy best about Wings south west?

In my perspective I feel that I belong somewhere as I’m a part of their college. The reasons behind this is that they have are such an amazing group of people to be around. The staff are so understanding about how I feel and to feel that I’m listened to at all times also supports learning which enables me to cope and learn better in lessons. They are always asking me if I’m okay and doing well or need to talk to them. The staff are very respectful to everybody.

I don’t find that I dislike anything about Wings as it’s a strong environment to be in and there’s nothing I would change in my opinion.

Why would someone want to come to Wings?

- It gives you hope and positivity

- A small safe environment to be around

- If nobody understands your problems, then talk to them as they understand

- Kind hearted adults who are trustworthy and loyal

- Very funny and makes you feel welcome and happy

On our last day of term before the Christmas break the staff treated us students to Domino’s pizza which was very kind of them to do. The one thing what was embarrassing was the end of term they made their own Christmas video with the staff singing and uploading our moments at Wings but to be honest with you it was very funny!

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