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Wings move to online provision

So, like many other charities, we have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. We would never have predicted at the start of the year how the last few months ended up looking. It was very sad to close the groups that we run and the NDCA and there was something quite poignant about locking the premises up for the last time, not knowing when they would be open to welcome people again.

But, Wings Southwest is not the sort of charity that sits back and waits for situations to improve. Oh no!

We put the media equipment that we had (along with some additional items that we purchased) and set about reaching out to the young people and adults that we engage with. We created videos, set up video conferencing facilities as well as looking at additional social media platforms that we could use so that we could still be there for those that needed us.

We had quite a bit to learn, as it turned out, but we are a resourceful bunch and we were soon uploading encouraging videos, sending out work and providing spaces for young people to meet virtually in what has become a very prolonged difficult time.

As we created them, we have put all our videos onto our YouTube channel and they can be viewed via the link below. Feel free to have a look and let us know what you think in the comments and subscribe to see upcoming videos. Even though restrictions are starting to relax, we are still some way to opening up again fully, which we will only do when we are confident we can do it safely, so you will see more content being uploaded over the coming weeks.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and hopefully see you soon.


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