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Dan wins spirit of cricket award

The Christoper Martin-Jenkins Spirit of Cricket Award is one that most cricketers aspire to but are equally unsure whether in the heat of a match they would actually show the sort of gamesmanship recognised by it. Previous winners have all been professional cricketers with the most high profile being New Zealand's former captain Brendon Mccullum.

Playing in an international England Learning Disability game last year, our own Dan Bowser showed an incredible attitude to winning in the right way when he indicated that an opposing batsman was not out even though the umpire had given him out, caught behind by the wicketkeeper. Dan said that he "didnt want to win a game of cricket like that", and the decision was reversed.

As part of the award, and together with the England captain, Chris Edwards, Dan was invited to the second day of the Ashes game at Lord's where he was interviewed on Radio 5 Live Extra by Jonathan Agnew in the famous Media Pod, as part of Test Match Special.

Click here to listen to that interview.

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MCC Spirit of Cricket award audio.mp3
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